Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Our strength is based on the awareness that every system we realized helps improve the quality of life and environment in which we live

The Vision of our company can not be separated from facing life everyday so ambitious and simple at the same time: to combine economic, social and environmental objectives in a long-term perspective.

Our guiding principles are respect for persons, irrespective of the role and the profession performed and the constant attention to environmental protection.

We focus on human resources: we are convinced that a great person will not change in his profession.

We want to convey enthusiasm to those who decide to join our reality.
The word enthusiasm comes from the greek “en Theos”, being in God; certainly one of the most beautiful words in the world.

Enthusiasm is the main driver of success, convincing others of the goodness of what we say and what we offer. Who is not sure of himself, who does not believe or are not convinced of their project, how can think of to create confidence and interest in the listener?

Who will fight the flattening, laziness, slide the days are always the same, keeping alive the enthusiasm, always be able to ask yourself in the best possible way to deal with any customers and win their trust.

Trying to apply these concepts to everyday, we can sum up in a few simple “trade” rules our thinking:

  • Enthusiasm, creativity, humility, professionalism: no customers will be disappointed by those who are able to pass on these values
  • Ability to stand against the customer first as a consultant and then as a supplier
  • Make it clear to the customer that we offer a service even before a plant or material
  • Transmitting the clear idea that with the signing Coind not a mere contract but a “pact” between individuals, rather than between companies
  • Always remember that companies are “made” by people.

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