National standards for air protection

National regulations

D. m. 20/05/91 of criteria for the collection of data regarding air quality

D. m. 23/10/98 Identification of the environmental and health criteria under which the Mayors take the measures limiting circulation Dlgs 351/99 Implementation of Directive 96/62 / EC on evaluation and quality management of ambient air.

D. m. 60 of 20.04.2002 Implementation of Directive 1999/30 / EC of 22 April 1999 relating to limit values ​​for ambient air quality for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and lead, and of Directive 2000/69 / EC on ambient air quality limit values ​​for benzene and carbon monoxide

D. m. 20/09/2002 the conditions for the guarantee of the quality of the system of air pollution measures, in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 351/1999

D. m. 261 of 01/10/2002 Regulations containing the technical guidelines for the preliminary assessment of air quality, the criteria for drawing up the plan and program referred to in Articles 8 and 9 of Legislative Decree of 4 August 1999, n. 351

Legislative Decree 183/2004 implementing Directive 2002/3 / EC on ozone in ambient air

Legislative Decree 152/2006 environmental standards

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