Our activities

Our main activities

Thanks to the great experience gained in 40 years of hard work, success and passion, Coind Engineering is able to offer a whole range of activities dedicated to air and water purification. That’s specifically what we can do:


We deal with the purification of any type of water: primary water for civil and industrial use, technological and ship wastewater.


Even polluted air need of safe and effective treatments, we have Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, solutions for air pollutants and special cleaning Syngas.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Our RTO are used for the polluted air purification, in particular to eliminate all those organic vapor concentrations that are below 25% of the LEL value.

Electro-composting of agricultural biomasses

Following work experiences and technical collaborations established in the early 90’s with universities in the then Soviet Union, the COIND engineering dept. was introduced to the electro-chemical processes used for the stabilisation of animal excrements. The studies focused on the technology for intensive production of humus, obtained from organic raw materials, such as the waste from pig, poultry farms and urban sewage

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