Indutriali waters

Indutriali waters

In the industrial process is often the need to have available water with precise characteristics of purity. For example, the presence of salts may create several problems to the process water, and then necessarily have to intervene on the treatment treat water, whether they are primary or, indeed, of the process.

The most widely used systems for the treatment of the waters of industrial process are represented by ion exchange demineralization and demineralization by reverse osmosis.

When the user needs to have a water of process with a high degree of purity, still apply systems ion exchange, sometimes + by tradition and little confidence of customers for reverse osmosis systems, which, to achieve the same degree of purity sometimes need the insertion of a second treatment stage.

The latest generation of process water treatment systems are, however, now technologically very advanced, as controlled by a very powerful instrumentation that allows on the one hand a simple management that does not require special skills for the conduct of these plants and from ‘ other a high reliability and yield results.
The Coind is able to deal with peace of mind this type of problems.

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