Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters for water

Among the various technologies applied by our company, which has been operating for many years in the environmental sector, specifically in systems of water purification , there is the use of activated carbon filters for water, particularly suitable for the adsorptive capacity of pollutants.
One of the most important of an activated carbon for water filter applications is to be placed in the queue to a plant water treatment with the final of “polisching” function, such as protection from the exhaust when this is intended, for example, to surface waters.

Inserting a system that includes the activated carbon filters you have the guarantee of the quality of the final discharge, as it poses a real mechanical barrier that prevents the passage to any pollutants escaped to the main sewage system.

The protection you can give these types of filters is virtually total because, unlike applications that can be found on activated carbon filters for air, where the latter once saturated release the pollutant, in water filters you create a sort of “plug” that prevents the passage of the discharge, resulting in giving the alarm to the purification system and then allowing the remedial action and hold a polluted exhaust.

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