Bilge Water

Bilge Water

The treatment plants bilge water have the following purposes:

Aqueous streams polluted by oil: purification should provide for the removal of oil and other pollutants in sufficient reason to allow the unloading in clear water sea. The treatment will take place with chemical process – physical and therefore will produce sludge to be dehydrated and transferred in turn to an authorized service center to their withdrawal.

Oil flows polluted by water: the purification will have to predict the residual water removal in a sufficient reason to give the oil a commercial value such as to be usable as fuel used in part by the same center, if it can have this kind of authorization, or as product to be sold to waste oil consortium authorized to collect, with economic benefits to the treatment center. The Coind over the years has developed several systems for bilge water using its know-how to achieve the best results with a limited use of chemical reagents. To purify the water flow the Coind employs physical treatments, chemical and electrochemical.

The ecological platforms are equipped with the reception and treatment plants slop, bilge water and emulsions from oil tankers and ships in general.

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