Chlorination of water

Chlorination of water

Among the many treatments that are applied in water purification , the need to carry out the chlorination is becoming more widespread.

One of the many applications is represented by the chlorination of the upstream water purification plants. It is of course needless to emphasize that these types of systems are very delicate and important as they directly affect the health of entire communities, which depend on the quality and efficiency of these large purification plants.

These implants are typically made from suitable storage tanks and mechanical dosing pumps; the dosage of chlorine can be carried out in a manner proportional or volumetric manner, under instrumental control. The dosing operations can be kept under control by means of the special analyzers, called “clororesiduometri”.
Another common application is that concerning chlorination plant in swimming pool water treatment , whether they are intended for private or public use pools.

Clearly, when it comes to swimming pools to the public, there are specific regulations that require strict management and continuous controls, aimed at ensuring the safety of bathers. technologically advanced units ensure the management of all the parameters required by law automatically.

In the private sector, the legislation is obviously less restrictive and merely give the parameters within which you go to measure the water sterility. The intelligence of the people who use every day of their pools will constitute the best control of the same, because each owner will at the same time manager and user, together with members of his family.

In order to be always present, competitive and in step with the times (technologically speaking), even in the swimming pool sector, from June of 2012 was incorporated Coind Piscine Srl; This company was created to care full-time for the design, realization, restructuring and maintenance of all types of pools, both public and private.

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