Industrial desalination for seawater desalination

Industrial desalination

Coind The company, which operates worldwide, designs and manufactures equipment for water treatment, ranging from primary water treatment, the treatment of process water and finally to the treatment and purification of waste water.

The desalination of sea water exploit the technology of reverse osmosis in order to drastically reduce the content of dissolved salts in a stream of water passed within semipermeable membranes. These membranes, the soul of industrial desalination plants, allow by means of pressurization of the fluid to separate the permeate flow (low Salts) quantity from the concentrate (high content of salts).

In this way it can, by taking the water directly from the sea and following a retraining with calcium, produce potable water. The desalination reverse osmosis is also many uses in the industrial sector for the demineralized water production.

The reverse osmosis systems produced by Coind completely pre-assembled skid steel, leverage the best technologies to allow a continuous and fully automated use reducing human control only for replenishment of chemical solutions.

The osmotic water in most cases, has taken the place of demineralised water by means of ion exchange by reducing the intake of chlorides at the exhaust and reducing security-related problems.

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