Reusing wastewater: treatment and purification

Reuse of wastewater

The need to treat and consequently purify the wastewater has a double meaning. The first, of course, is to avoid polluting the environment by downloading impure waters; the second, which will become increasingly important with the passage of the years, is to refine the purification to such an extent as to allow the reuse of wastewater.

The increasing need for water and, unfortunately, less and less availability of the same, requires more every day to work for the recovery of wastewater.

It is clear to everyone that an account is intended to purify an exhaust public sewer system and an account is to treat and purify an exhaust when the same is intended to be reused. From the need of re-use of wastewater stems the spread of new and different technologies, depending on the type of reuse to be obtained.

The definition of the perfect treatment plant is one that speaks of a “discharge treatment plant scratch.” The realization of this type of plant, obviously very difficult and not always obtainable, it means that there is no discharge of wastewater but all the treated water is reused in some way within the same process that generated it, or in other business uses (for example some companies reuse of treated water for the bathrooms discharges).

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