Reverse osmosis plants

Reverse osmosis plants

The at plants reverse osmosis are now very widespread, they can find more and more frequently in the productive fabric of companies, where we are dealing with industrial plants , as in life everyday, with home applications, where we can easily find a facility reverse osmosis inserted under the sink at home.

To better understand what is meant by “reverse osmosis”, we can say that this process is water with semi-permeable membranes, working under suitable pressure, allow the passage of water, rejecting most of the substances dissolved and suspended in ‘ feed water.

In nature, each solution is characterized by its osmotic pressure which is an inverse function of the concentration of the solution itself.

In other words a solution with a certain degree of dilution has a certain ability to go to dilute a more concentrated solution through a septum (diaphragm) semipermeable, capacity which is proportional to the difference of osmotic pressure between the two solutions.

If is interposed between the two solutions a type semipermeable divider this will require a pressure difference on the two sides in order to be crossed.

It will then pass through the septum until the osmotic pressure difference between the two solutions will suffice.

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