Wastewater Filtration

Equipment for the filtration of industrial wastewater

Considering the various activities of our company, we can easily define the filtration wastewater plants as a “specialty” of Coind, as, operating mainly in the industrial sector, this type of plant is certainly one of the most common.
The treatment of industrial waste water , as all major processes dedicated to water treatment , has undergone various transformations imposed by the new legislation and the simultaneous development given by the various technological advances.

Any type of processing and industrial production produces waste water to be discharged, consequently the plants for waste water are found in almost all industrial settlements.

The fact that there are many such systems in circulation absolutely does not want to mean that they are all the same or very similar. The diversity of production, the complication of processes applied, the final destination of these treated water make that the sewage treatment plants wastewater can be completely different and may have applied technologies that have nothing in common with one another.

It is the considerable experience accumulated over the years, in the field, which guides our company in the diversity of choices, looking from time to time the best possible.

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