Solutions and technologies to environmental protection since 1976

We work in water and air purification field for more than 40 years, by means of advanced and certificated systems. We built plants both in Italy and abroad and we boast treatment systems for special technical gases.


We deal with the purification of any type of water: primary water for civil and industrial use, technological and ship wastewater.


Even polluted air need of safe and effective treatments, we have Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, solutions for air pollutants and special cleaning Syngas.

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ecological engineering

More than 40 years of experience have allowed the company to build up its own know-how deriving from dealings with all fields of purification, from distilleries to tanneries, printed circuit boards to the textile sector, galvanizing to painting, from ceramics to engineering, building plants both in Italy and abroad, treating and purifying primary, process and waste waters.

In the air pollutants field we boast treatment systems for special technical gases, Syngas and Biogas, as well as a range of regenerative thermal purifiers, washers with various energy levels and absorption systems on activated carbon.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Our RTO are used for the polluted air purification, in particular to eliminate all those organic vapor concentrations that are below 25% of the LEL value.

Our services

effective, tailored, quality

Coind Engineering takes care of its clients’ problems and provides ever more suitable and customized solutions. Here’s an overview of what we can offer:


First impact with the problems, definition of the intervention strategies with the customer.

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Realisation of the graphical and descriptive documentation using computerised systems and the most advanced instruments.

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Construction and installation

COIND technicians control and coordinate the job from the workshop to the site, up to the operational inspection.

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All components are tested depending on the characteristics of the project. The materials used are controlled so that they comply with the requirements of the Standards in force.

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After-sales service

When requested, COIND guarantees after-sales assistance and the management of plants with maintenance contracts.

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