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Water purification Livestock Sector

In the livestock sector, the management of livestock activities, results in large amounts of pollutants in wastewater.

Today there are strict limits that must be met, which require the treatment and purification of fluids before release into the environment.

The sector need is particularly concerned with reducing the concentration of nitrogen, nitrate and phosphorus, which distributed on the ground can transfer to groundwater and other surface sources with low turnover, such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Possible consequences in this way include the contamination of drinking water sources for human consumption and the proliferation of algae, bacteria or pollutants that preclude life for aquatic organisms.

Water treatment processes are concerned with the purification of wastewater in the context of the regulatory reference set by WHO on nitrates in drinking water, which stands at 50 mg/l.

Coind makes it possible to integrate different plant types and separate dissolved organics in the same stream, such as processing waste and animal manure.

Detailed wastewater analysis allows for the identification and monitoring of the chemical and physical processes and types of purification or refinement most suitable for the fluid being treated.

Why Treat Water in the Livestock Sector.

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To make wastewater suitable for environmental parameters

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To potable primary water, intended for animal life and growth

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed with regard to wastewater in this sector are given in Legislative Decree 152 of 2006, Directive 91/676/EEC, and in European, regional, provincial or local regulations.

The main water treatment plants in the Livestock Sector

The Sludge Treatment Plant, Activated Sludge Purifier, Animal Manure Electrocomposting and other facilities enable the separation and management of pollutants included in the effluent.

Clarification plants allow action on suspended matter or colloids in streams.

Coind Livestock Sector Detail

Coind facilities for the Livestock Sector.