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Water Purification Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, from the production of industrial solvents and additives to the components of cosmetics and drugs, it is necessary to employ appropriate facilities because of the very strict legal limits that must be met.

These needs concern both primary waters, with reference to the composition of formulations and production-related activities, such as equipment hygiene and raising or lowering temperatures, and wastewaters, such as the elimination of surfactants or other excess chemicals.

Production activities in this area can result in large amounts of foam, odors, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); for this reason, facilities are used to separate and filter bio-resistant elements.

For example, reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration technologies are used to achieve high degrees of purity of the input stream, which through pressurized membranes or with a high level of filtration allow demineralization or potabilization of the water needed for productions.

Coind 's systems allow intervention where necessary, upstream or downstream of the production stage, with monitoring and analysis of chemicals in the fluid.

Why treat water in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector.

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Demineralize or make suitable primary water intended for production

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Purifying wastewater, according to environmental parameters

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed with regard to wastewater in this sector can be found in Legislative Decree 152 of 2006 and Directive 2013/39/EU, OJ L 226, 24.8.2013, p. 1.

The main
water purification plants in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

The Sludge Treatment Plant, Activated Sludge Purifier, Animal Dung Electrocomposting and other facilities enable Industrial Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Ion Exchange Resin Demineralization allow the highest levels of water purity to be achieved.

Disinfection is used when it is necessary to break down the incoming fluid from bacterial impurities and micropollutants.

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Coind's Plants for the Pharmaceutical Chemical Sector.