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Water purification Naval and Aerospace Sector

In the shipbuilding and aerospace sector, production activities carried out in the shipyard inherent in the construction of ships or aircraft have stringent limits, with reference to the management of water used in processing.

Industry needs are related to metal alloy processing, from cutting and finishing to welding activities and the use of equipment and machinery.

The need to contain emissions and cleanse streams of excess minerals, oils and chemicals is proportional to the sizing of the site and materials processed.

Treatment processes are based on removing molecules in the water stream, separating colloids or suspended matter, and sterilizing the water.

In order to obtain a demineralized or pollutant-free flow, pressurized membranes are used, which allow for water savings by reusing part of the fluids in processing.

Coind plants enable the treatment of Bilge Water, with purification processes of Filtration, De-oiling, Decantation and the monitoring of chemical and physical interventions.

Why Treat Water in the Naval and Aerospace Sector.

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Purify wastewater from heavy metals and toxic substances, according to environmental parameters

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Demineralize and reuse process water in production

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed regarding wastewater in this sector are given in the Legislative Decree 152 of 2006 and European, regional, provincial or local regulations.

The main water purification plants in the Naval and Aerospace Sector.

Bilge Water Treatment, Filtration and Polishing processes on activated carbon enable the purification of water used in the production process.

Demineralization and Industrial Reverse Osmosis plants optimize water consumption, making it possible to replenish water flows in the operating cycle.

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Coind's facilities for the Naval and Aerospace Sector.