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Water purification Metal and Steel Sector

In the metal and steel industry, from carpentry activities to the production of semi-finished products and mechanical components, the parameters defined in the area of wastewater management imply appropriate treatments.

The industry need is particularly concerned with the containment of emissions and purification from excess minerals, oils and chemicals.

Water treatment is needed, for example, for the removal of iron molecules in the water stream, or on the separation of colloids or other suspended matter.

In some cases, pressure filters are used, which make it possible to remove polluting molecules, or demineralization systems, which make it possible to treat and reuse the same water used in processing.

Coind 's facilities include technologies that intervene on the different stages and needs of the production cycle; from separation of raw molecules and reduction of space to be devoted to facilities, to treatment and recovery of water in production.

Why Treat Water in the Metal and Steel Sector

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Purify wastewater from pollutants, according to environmental parameters

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Demineralize and reuse process water in production

Industry Regulations

I The parameters to be followed with regard to wastewater in this sector can be found in D. Lgs. 152 of 2006 and European, regional, provincial or local regulations.

The main water treatment plants in the engineering and steel industry

The Sludge Treatment Plant, Activated Sludge Purifier, Animal Dung Electrocomposting and other facilities enable Filtration, Deferrization and Industrial Reverse Osmosis plants to break down pollutants and achieve levels appropriate for the reintegration of water into production cycle activities.

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