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Water purification Food Sector

In the food industry, from meat and cheese production to beverages, preserves and baked goods, stringent environmental parameters require scrupulous management of water, implicated in the production process.

The purification needs involve large amounts of wastewater, generated by product processing and cleaning activities in the laboratory premises, including machinery and vehicles dedicated to transporting finished products.

Water treatment is particularly concerned with the separation of organic matter, including dissolved matter, from specific operational stages, including in the case of slaughterhouses animal dung.

The quantities of flow to be treated before disposal depend on the sizing of the production plant and the typical activities of the operator, related to the availability and cost of water supply.

Coind's plants allow the chemical and physical parameters of fluids related to production activities and those associated with wastewater to be kept under control, indicating where and when to intervene in the context of the required environmental values.

For example, Industrial Reverse Osmosis technology allows, alongside others, to optimize water consumption and thus save costs.

Why Treat Water in the Food Sector

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Reduce the bacterial load associated with food processing activities

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Optimize water consumption with water recovery following purification

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Making wastewater suitable for environmental parameters

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed with regard to industrial wastewater in this sector can be found in Legislative Decree 152 of 2006, specifically in Art. 101, paragraphs 1 and 2, where limits are specified according to the pursuit of quality objectives.

The main
water purification plants in the Food Sector

Grating, Nanofiltration Disinfection, and other industrial water treatment plants allow you to stay within the required environmental values.

Some of these, intervene on the separation of substances, leaving the properties of the liquid unchanged, as is the case with potabilization with Ultrafiltration or water recovery with Reverse Osmosis.

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Coind's Plants for the Food Sector