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Water purification Energy Sector

In the power sector, facilities dedicated to energy transformation, such as thermal power plants, involve careful controls of the management of water used in the circuits.

The industry requirement focuses particularly on the power generator activity and related machinery in the engine room, such as turbines and alternators.

The need to contain emissions, plant operating temperatures, and purify water streams of oils, dissolved hydrocarbons, or excess chemicals is proportional to the sizing of the power plant.

Treatment processes are based on the filtration of pollutant molecules in the fluid through quartz sand, filter networks of different levels such as osmosis, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.

To complement emission control, Coind systems also act on air flows, reducing atmospheric fumes and allowing recovery of some of the heat generated.

In this context, at the end of the treatment cycle, Washing Towers are used to break down the residual pollutants and heavy metals detected in the air stream as it leaves the operating sections of the plant.

Why treat water in the Energy Sector

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Purify wastewater from oils, dissolved hydrocarbons, ion salts and toxic substances, according to environmental parameters

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Contain plant operating temperatures

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed regarding wastewater in this sector are given in the Legislative Decree 152 of 2006 and European, regional, provincial or local regulations.

The main water treatment plants in the Energy Sector

Bilge Water Treatment, Filtration and Polishing processes on activated carbon allow purification of water used in the Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Osmosis and Adsorption processes allow purification of water used in the production process.

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Coind facilities for the Energy Sector