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Water Purification Industrial Waste Treatment Sector

In the industrial waste treatment sector, the management of crushing, mixing, combustion, pyrolysis and gasification activities of materials of different types and hazards results in a large concentration of pollutants in wastewater.

Today there are strict parameters in this area, which require purification of fluids before diffusion to soils and the atmosphere.

The industry need particularly concerns the reduction in volume of sludge, containing the toxic substances, as in the case of materials from the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

Water treatment relies on various processes, from membrane filtration to remove nanometer-sized particles, to Disinfection systems to reduce the bacterial load of the liquid.

Separation of harmful substances is achieved through the use of chemical components to initiate concentration processes and Dynamic Decantation plants to purify the water from colloids or suspended material.

To achieve high levels of purification, Polishing systems employ the passage of effluent over layers of quartz and granular activated carbon, which is pre-prepared to encapsulate and retain substances.

Coind's plants, using the most suitable technologies depending on the type of waste, flow characteristics and degree of purity of the water to be achieved, make it possible to recover part of the water used in operational activities.

Why Treat Water in the Industrial Waste Treatment Sector

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Purifying wastewater from oils, dissolved hydrocarbons, Purifying wastewater from organic and inorganic substances, dissolved hydrocarbons, and other toxic materials, according to environmental parameters

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Contain plant operating temperatures

Industry Regulations

The parameters to be followed with regard to wastewater in this sector are given in Legislative Decree No. 152 of 2006, particularly in Article No. 183, and European, regional, provincial or local regulations.

The main water treatment plants in the Industrial Waste Treatment sector

Filtration, Sludge Treatment and Adsorption processes on activated carbon allow for the purification of water used in operations and transited through the circuits.

Demineralization plants with ion exchange resins and Industrial Reverse Osmosis optimize water consumption, allowing the reintegration of water flows in the cycle.

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Coind facilities for the Industrial Waste Treatment Sector.