Who we are

COIND S.r.l. is a company belonging to the CORAL Group, which spans over more than 20 companies in Italy, five in France, one in Germany and one in Great Britain.

CORAL S.p.A. (Holding Company)
CORAL S.p.A. produces extraction equipment in the air field, the manufacture of which is controlled step-by-step with the aid of state-of-the-art machine tools.

Situated at Volpiano, CORAL S.p.A. extends over a covered surface area of 28000 m2; it boasts a team of approx. 100 persons assigned to production and 30 technicians for the study and development of the projects.

CORAL products respond perfectly to problems linked to purification of the environment for companies regarding air, water and noise; it also holds 6 international patents and is present on 5 continents.

Within the CORAL Coral Group, the subsidiary COIND S.r.l. designs and manufactures purification plants for the civil and industrial sectors.

Since 1976 the company has operated in the ecological engineering domain with innovative design, management and control systems.

Our skills

More than 40 years of experience have allowed the company to build up its own know-how deriving from dealings with all fields of purification, from distilleries to tanneries, printed circuit boards to the textile sector, galvanizing to painting, from ceramics to engineering, building plants both in Italy and abroad, treating and purifying primary, process and waste waters.

In the air pollutants field we boast treatment systems for special technical gases, Syngas and Biogas, as well as a range of regenerative thermal oxidiser, washers with various energy levels and absorption systems on activated carbon.


Since 2002 Coind has SOA “OS22-classification II” certification (potable water treatment and purification plants); moreover, in January 2004 it achieved the Certificate of Conformity with ISO 9001:2015 n° Q-0180-04.

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