Solutions and technologies in environmental defense since 1976

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50 years of experience have enabled Coind to build specific know-how, in all fields of Water Purification.

With the construction of Primary, Process and Wastewater Purification plants, both in Italy and abroad, Coind has developed expertise on different sectors; from distilleries to tanneries, from printed circuit boards to textiles, from galvanics to painting, and from ceramics to engineering.

In the field of air pollutants, Special Technical Gas Treatment Systems have been designed and developed, as well as the range of Regenerative Thermal Purifiers, Washers at different energy levels, and Adsorption Systems on activated carbon. 

Coind, which caters to businesses of all sizes, from small artisans to large factories, is starting a new Carpentry department from this year, geared toward the construction of machinery in the Ecological sphere.

The goal of this new Unit, with a view to meeting customer needs, is to provide a series line, which optimizes production and testing, with the aim of expanding the offerings of the Coral Group's 30 production sites.

While the new carpentry department will be used for mass production, it will also be used for in-house production of plant elements conceived and designed specifically for individual customers.

Mission and Vision

Our company's Vision is based on approaching Life ambitiously: combining economic, social and environmental goals in a long-term perspective. Our strength is based on the understanding that each plant contributes to solving a need and improving the quality of the environment in which we live. 

We are committed to the development of human resources, regardless of role: we are convinced that a valuable person is also valuable in his or her profession. Every day we enthusiastically apply creativity,uniqueness,humility and professionalism in our work, which guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our approach can be reminiscent of a tailor's workshop where, in a similar way, our engineers are engaged in creating a plant, one of a kind, perfectly in line with the needs and the expected result. We are consultants and make our expertise available to the client to build the most suitable solution together, based on a true pact between people, before companies.

Our Story

Coind is a company of the Coral Group, which encompasses about 20 companies worldwide, located in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1976, it has been a key player in the technological development of the past decades, following the investment in research & development and human resources over time.

In 1992, entry into the Coral Group takes place, of which it becomes a reference in the Water Purification sector. 

Since the end of 1996, he has also devoted himself to Air Purification, starting under the guidance of Eng. Giovanni Griva, who contributed in the process of applying knowledge to the abatement of vapors generated by municipal solid waste (MSW) composting.  

Since then, Coind's set of technical skills have been supported by the strength of the Group, enabling it to address customers with a range of innovative, comprehensive and reliable solutions

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