Combined Chemical-Physical-Biological Plants

The purification of wastewater from some industrial activities requires specific treatments, which require the dosing of different chemicals depending on the pollutants and the purposes of intervention.

This type of treatment is carried out using multiple reaction tanks, each dedicated to a targeted purpose.
In the first reaction tank, a metal aggregating agent is dosed, in the second tank the metal precipitation pH of the first is reached, and in the third tank the organic flocculant is dosed, which allows the molecules to aggregate with each other, forming flocs.
Organic flocculants are often used in this context for the purpose of removing electrical charges from the fluids and precipitating suspended toxic substances.

The flow is sent to a lamellar decanter: this results in the separation of the flocs, which, burdened, are unable to rise along the lamellar surface and are deposited at the bottom of the decanter, which has a conical shape. The conical shape allows the sludge flakes to reach a thickening degree of 4%.

Clarified water flows out of the upper section of the decanter. A paper filter is often placed downstream of a decanter: if some sludge flocs were to escape from the decanter, they would be blocked by the decanter.

Coind Combined Chemical Physical Biological Facilities Main

If, in addition to pollutants of an inorganic nature, pollutants of an organic nature were also present, biological purification should be carried out.
A biological system involves the use of autotrophic bacteria that feed on organic carbon; in such processes,oxygenation of the tanks is very important; blowers or compressors are used, depending on their beating.
One application of this type of system occurs in liquid waste treatment platforms, where the process is completed by Polishing on activated carbon.

Coind's combined chemical-physical-biological plants, by detecting and monitoring the activated processes, make it possible to use the liquid component of the flow, appropriately purified for reintegration into the production cycle or for disposal according to the required environmental parameters .

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